Real Madrid news: Real Madrid will decide the fate of the trio Cubo, Sibayos and Regilon


Cubo, Sebaeus and Regilon

Sport 360 – settle down Real Madrid Largely on the fate of its most prominent players loaned to other clubs this season, and the possibility of them returning to the team again.

Revealed Spanish newspaper Central de FranceHe believes in Madrid that the best thing for the loaned trio, Sibayos, Cobo and Regelon, is to leave them for another season on loan, because there are so many in the current list and no player is willing to leave.

Real Madrid decided to continue loaning Cobo, Regelon and Sibayos until 2021

The newspaper noted that the loaned trio have to re-evaluate themselves for another season, and in the summer of 2021 a final decision will be taken on what is best for the club and the players themselves.

Real Madrid owns the duo Marcelo and Mindy on the left side, which makes it difficult for Rijelon to get the chance to participate, and is waiting Paris Saint-Germain Real Madrid’s final decision on his promising left back.

While Danny Sepius did not prove himself in his first season with ArsenalIt appears outside plans Zinedine Zidane.

Cobo is considered one of the most promising players and Real Madrid holds great hopes for the young Japanese player, after he was kidnapped by the Royal Club from the rivals. Barcelona.

The player is scheduled to return to Real Madrid after the end of his loan from Mallorca, and move to Real Sociedad or Real Betis next season.

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