Qatar Airways warns “Airbus” and “Boeing”


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Qatar Airways plane

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al-Baker today warned Airbus and Boeing against rejecting Qatar Airways’ requests to delay the delivery of aircraft.

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“We are negotiating with (Boeing) and (Airbus) to fulfill our request for delay, and we hope that both products will comply,” Al Baker said.

He added that the two companies “do not have a substitute for acceptance, and if they make the commitment difficult … we will not work with them again.”

He pointed out that Qatar Airways will sell 5 “737 Max” aircraft that have already been received.

Regarding the financial position of the company in light of the Corona crisis, he said: “We are still using the cash reserve for operations, and we examine various tools, including bank financing.”

He also stressed that Qatar Airways had not requested the Qatari government for any financial support yet, indicating that it is difficult to estimate when the company will return to achieve profitability.

And Al-Baker suggested that the company would lay down at least 20% of its employees due to the decline in activities in light of the Corona crisis.

Source: “Reuters”


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