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It seems that the American election battle has entered the real danger and violent clash, after the Twitter platform has been grossly involved in President Trump’s tweets on his personal account or via the White House account, and it confirms that the Democrats from the remnants of former US President Barack Obama will not hesitate to use everything in a battle America has not known her since the Civil War.The intervention betrays the real bitterness and bitterness felt by the American left from Trump’s ability to dispense with the traditional media outlets that they control and who have run hostility and stood on the other side of him, supporting the Democrats and adopting their news and stances.

Trump, since the beginning of his election campaign and prior to his arrival to the White House, relied on Twitter and built a personal platform through his account, attracting more than 80 million followers, expressing through him his political positions and opinions, launching his attacks and promises, and even when he was asked to give up his personal account and be satisfied with the account of the house, he refused. And he was right.

Of course, not the first time that the Twitter platform is biased towards a political stance. In 2011, it facilitated Egyptian protesters and rioters, Twitter, through an Internet cover other than what the Egyptian government provided, and also dealt with the Saudi songbord with great roughness, and kindly with its ISIS and Qatari opponents and the Brotherhood.

It is important to understand the bitter bitterness of the American left, as it has lost its “dream” that exploded during the administration of President Barack Obama. The left and neo-liberals believe that they are envoys to change the world and create it according to their vision, concepts and values, and whoever accepts those values ​​enter the club and become an ally that is protected through the organizations and media that circulates In their astronomy, for example «Turkey. Diameter. Brotherhood, ”and whoever rejects it or adopts hostile projects that have wars and incited against it, and morally and possibly militarily assassinated.

The left adopts a number of concepts that define its relationship to the other, which can be summarized according to many scholars as follows:

The desire for rapid change to the maximum extent possible which is what happened in «Egypt, Tunisia and Libya», and the belief in the inevitability of violence as a method of change for Syria and Libya as an example, emphasizing the concept of absolute freedoms without restrictions, belief in the marginalized and linking them to the left’s agenda, and these specifically were the sources of change and clashing with governments Locality in the Middle East, during the wave of the so-called Arab Spring that started at the end of 2010.

As for why Saudi Arabia will be in the eye of the American electoral storm, it is not new for many reasons.

First: Saudi oil remains the pomegranate of the economic balance in the world, and since its discovery at the hands of American companies eight decades ago, its oil is part of the lives of Americans, their battles and their political rivalries.

Second: The Saudis adopted an independent relationship with Washington, summed up by the people of “Masmak” in a difficult equation that presented them as “allies and not followers”, expressed by countless positions, including the most important: cutting off oil supplies at the hands of King Faisal, expelling the American ambassador from Riyadh at the hands of King Fahd refused to receive Obama after the Saudi intervention within the shield of the island to protect Bahrain at the hands of King Abdullah in spite of the American anger and when he was received the response was ready from the airport to the camp, and finally King Salman’s solid and brave stance in the middle of the White House and in front of Barack Obama, when the king said that Saudi Arabia does not need anyone and is able to move forward with its policies without assistance.

Consequently, the theater is carefully prepared, and everyone who has a rivalry or an agenda whose implementation has been stalled due to the strategic relationship between Riyadh and Washington during the past four years, will have the motivation to liquidate it with the Kingdom, and it is not like coincidence to re-produce and adopt leaks, files, fugitives and traitors in these electoral months, but rather It is part of a poisoned arrows that will be paid to the Saudis and their countries penetrate Riyadh, to finally settle in President Trump’s chest.

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