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The “muzzle” topped the scene in the world and became the focus of sight in the four corners of the world, after it was just a cheap commodity shelved in the shelves of shops and pharmacies, no one would be concerned with it to become in a few months the strongest and greatest commodity that takes clothes, minds and eyes, and in some countries it became a black commodity without Except those who pay more, and the supervisory teams launched the fiercest campaigns against the masks traders in the parallel market, as they raided dozens of warehouses that hid the dear commodity while awaiting scarcity and marketing it at exorbitant prices. In the meantime, fraudsters and swindlers have been active in manufacturing strike masks, and the streets of African capitals have seen street vendors promoting cloth and paper masks that will not stand up to the dangerous pandemic virus.The muzzle turned into one of the essential essentials indispensable in the time of Corona, as the virus that struck the world and became a global pandemic hit and killed millions, and forced the world to use it throughout the day from leaving the home until returning to it safely.

Today, after life returned to normal in Saudi Arabia, the muzzle became the first blocking wall against corona and its sisters from viruses that are transmitted through droplets and mixing with people, and their use became necessary and compulsory after the Ministry of Interior announced imposing a penalty of one thousand riyals for not wearing medical or cloth masks or what covers Nose and mouth.

In the first days, citizens were required to wear the muzzle as a condition to enter a number of places and also use the means of transportation, it appeared that there was great interest from the Saudis in implementing these instructions, as a preventive measure to prevent the spread of Corona virus .. “Okaz” opens the story of the muzzle, its manufacture, the risks of fraud, its medical benefits and the negatives that It can be turned into a vector of disease.

«World Health»: alone is not enough!

According to Dr. Thamer Al-Shammari, the World Health Organization has set a set of rules for using the muzzle, and has provided a set of advice and measures, including washing hands before touching the muzzle and inspecting it to make sure it is free of any cracks or holes and identifying the upper end, where there is the metal tape or the reinforced end and fixes the metal end Or reinforced on the nose and not to touch the muzzle with the full coverage of the mouth, nose and chin, and adjust the position of the muzzle on the face to ensure that no spaces are left on the sides and remove the muzzle from the back of the ears or head and keep it away from the surfaces during the removal and not use it wet, wet or torn. It also controls not to use a loose muzzle, not to remove it for the purpose of talking to others and not to leave it in a place where others can reach.

The World Health Organization finally noted that the use of the muzzle alone will not protect against infection of the emerging corona virus, stressing the need to stay away from others at least one meter and wash hands thoroughly, even while wearing the muzzle.

“Canvas” addresses the microbe, not the virus

A drug policy and research expert at the National Center in China, a member of the WHO’s Medication Errors Committees, Dr. Thamer Al-Shammari, revealed that there are special specifications for face masks, “masks”, objecting to masks made of fabric, as studies have shown that they prevent part of the bacteria but do not prevent All viruses. He added that the number of hours to wear the muzzle does not exceed 6 hours per day; This is to avoid infection from Corona virus.

Al-Shammari added that the types of medical masks include ordinary masks that protect 95% of viruses and prevent bacteria and dust by 80%, and that it can be easily identified by having two ear rings to install the mask on the face and used in hospital, isolation units, surgery and intensive care units.

What did Otto Heubner do?

The director of the Infection Control Department in the health of Hail, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Tarifi, suggested that the date of the appearance of the muzzle and its origins until the year 1897, the doctor «Otto Heubner» worked on making the first medical mask consisting of two layers of gauze, placed at a sufficient and safe distance from the nose, and used only during operations Surgical. The experiment showed that the effectiveness of the mask increased by increasing the number of layers of gauze, and by bringing it closer to the nose, after which it underwent several improvements in form and design throughout history until 1960.

Al-Tarifi said in an interview with “Okaz”: “The traditional masks that are poorly performed by some people are made at home from fabrics, their effectiveness does not exceed a third of the effectiveness of surgical masks, and it can also be washed with hot, soapy water, and cleaned and reused.”

The director of infection management in Hail Health added that the risks of cheating in the masks are contained, but the effectiveness of the home-made fabric mask varies according to the type of fabric made from it and the number of layers used to manufacture it. It is difficult to answer this question without supporting studies. Among the benefits of medical gag, as is well known, is to reduce the possibility of transmission of respiratory secretions from one person to another. One of the known negatives is using the wrong and double gag, which turns it into a transmission tool for infection, not protection. The correct thing is to use a good type of fabric in its industry that allows to breathe well and at the same time prevent the transmission of respiratory secretions by covering the nose and mouth, while ensuring that the mouth and nose are completely covered, changing them when wet, and ensuring that they are cleaned, washed down and disposed of properly.

Beware of gaps

With the known positives of the muzzle, and its fruits in the protection and response to the virus, in contrast, are not without gaps and shortcomings. Dr. Farhan Al-Anazi sees through the “Okaz” the negatives of the muzzle, including its contamination from the inside if used by the infected person, and from the outside it contaminates the uninfected, as touching the muzzle continuously transmits the virus to the hands and is another source of infection, and removing it in a wrong way also transmits the virus In the hands of a healthy person … there is a specific way to remove it and dispose of it in a safe and healthy way. Removal is done by getting rid of the muzzle straps first from the back of the ear and not pulling it from the front (the ear and the mouth), and it is wrong to throw it and throw it on the roads and household waste baskets or on the surfaces that transmit the infection to a worker Cleanliness is required to dispose of the mask used in a closed bag and throw it in the waste bin.

Resistant to water and liquids .. Cheat is contained

Family medicine consultant Dr. Farhan Al-Anazi says that the history of manufacturing the mask with its simple and familiar cloth texture dates back to the nineteenth century, and was used in surgeries and in the years of some old epidemic pandemics, and one of the most important of these serious “Spanish flu” pandemics that spread in the year 1917. Currently it has evolved The muzzle and required updates until it reached its current image and familiar form. It is an important information that should reach everyone that the muzzle is used for one time, and its advantages are its ability to resist water, fluids and flying mist. The year 1960 witnessed the development of the muzzle, and from that time medical companies became competing in its production with quality, perfection and development.

And Dr. Farhan Al-Anazi adds that cheating in the manufacture of a muzzle is like any commodity, by producing similar masks in shape, but they are not against water and splashes, so their protection is less.

And on the positives of the muzzle increased: in Corona in particular it is important because the most important method of infection in the pandemic is the exit of the virus in the spray of the affected person, and if the mask is used the exit of the virus from the infected is almost non-existent, and to increase protection the injured and uninfected must use them, as the chances of transmission of infection from The injured to the proper to a proportion less than 1.5%.

Shemagh .. Is it fighting the pandemic? “Health” answers

The Ministry of Health confirmed that wearing the niqab or shemagh is an alternative to the cloth mask, provided that it is composed of more than one layer of fabric, and that it is tightly closed when worn on the areas of the nose and mouth.

Khaled Al-Mulhim, director of a factory for producing masks, said that the national factories are able to produce large quantities and meet the needs during the coming period, and that productive families will be partners in the coverage. He added that the requirements for the manufacture of the muzzle should be cotton, in which there is a type of elasticity (strech), and the raw should be of high quality, and it bears repeated washing and does not change. He pointed out that 3000 masks are produced daily. The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources revealed that the Saudi factories specialized in manufacturing medical masks, sterilizers, and various medical industries amount to 150 factories currently or under construction, and there are 6 national factories for medical muzzles that produce 5 million masks per week in Saudi Arabia.


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