News 24 | The lawyer for the Saudi detainee in America, Khaled Al-Dosari, publishes a phone call with him that shows his poor health


Lawyer Saud bin Qaweed, the agent of the detainee in the Saudi-American prison system, Khaled al-Dossari, published an audio clip of a phone call with Khaled that appeared to be in a lack of focus, and he might be in poor health.

The lawyer asked the prisoner, Khaled, about his name and the members of his family, his mother and his father.

Al-Dosari was studying chemistry in America and asked to buy chemicals from the Amazon website with his personal identity, including phenol, to conduct experiments at the heart of his studies. The Amazon delegate informed “FBI”, so she searched his room during his absence.

Upon his return, he was arrested – and that was in 2011 – on charges of attempting to use weapons of mass destruction and the possibility of targeting former President George Bush, and planning to bomb nuclear power plants, and then reduced to one count of possession of weapons of mass destruction.


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