New leaks confirm that the Apple Watch SERIES 6 will not include a micro-LED display


This topic was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – the latest leaks published today confirmed that Apple will not support its upcoming release of the SERIES 6 smart watch with micro-LED technology on the screen.

Some previous reports indicated that Apple plans to support some of the company’s devices this year with distinctive micro-LED screens, and some expectations have indicated that the SERIES 6 smart watch will be among the devices that come with this technology later this year.

Contrary to previous reports, a page is hinted [email protected] In new leaks today, Apple continues to support the SERIES 6 smart watch this year with JDI displays.

I have known a page [email protected] With many leaks about the details of upcoming Apple devices, so it is expected according to this Tweet that Apple will use in the SERIES 6 OLED watch from Japan Display, which recently joined the development of OLED screens due to the obstacles facing the company with its production line of LCD screens.


On the other hand, the company JDI provided LCD screens for some versions of Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices as well, and a previous report indicated that Apple was already investing $ 200 million to restructure Japan Display.

It is reported that the leaks that have come up so far indicated that the upcoming Apple Smart Watch SERIES 6 will be launched later this year with the feature of tracking the status of the user during sleep, which combines a fall sensor, a heart sensor and also an oxygen meter in the blood and an electrocardiogram.

The smart watch also comes with the feature of measuring the level of oxygen in the red blood cells, which often ranges between 95% and 100%, and it is one of the features that supports users with the COVID-19 virus, where a red indicator will appear when the percentage drops below 92%.



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