New evidence of corona’s transmission from the bat through the pangolin to humans – thought and art – east and west


American scientists have reported that they have come up with additional evidence showing how the coronavirus emerging from bats, through the pangolin, has spread to humans.
The newspaper “The Guardian” quoted the scientists, who published their research in the magazine “Covid-19 Science Advances”, saying that they found during their examination of the closest relative to the emerging coronavirus, that the virus was actually circulating in the bat, but it lacked the protein to adhere to human cells, noting but that This ability could have been obtained by bats from a virus present in the bengolin animal.

Dr. Alina Giorgi, from the authors of the study at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, said that scientists had previously studied the relationship of the pangolin to the virus, but they were still divided on its role in the development of SARS-Cove-2, that is, the virus that causes Covid-19, adding that their study showed SARS-Cove-2 has a rich evolutionary history that includes the recombination of genetic material between coronaviruses of bat and pangloin, before it gains the ability to jump into humans. ”

The scientist emphasized that close convergence of animals of different species in a wet market may increase the possibility of transmission between species.
But the study, however, does not confirm that pangolin is the animal that transmitted the virus to humans, but it increases the importance of previous studies that indicated the possibility of a relationship.

Commenting on the study, Professor Biologist at the University of Sydney, Professor Edward Holmes said that more work is needed on the topic, confirming that there is a clear evolutionary gap between SARS-Cove-2 and the two closest relatives present in the bat and pangolin, and that the only way to fill the gap is by taking More wildlife specimens, “he says.



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