Muhammad Fadl: Haitham Orabi exaggerates his talk about Al-Ahly


Muhammad Fadl, former contract manager for Al-Ahly Club, talked about his relationship with Haitham Orabi, who previously held the same position, and a crisis occurred between them in the departure of the duo, accompanied by Hussam Ghali, from the Red Fort.

“I have never met Haitham Orabi before, but I see that he is a man who loves the club and used to hold a position in the club before, and every person loves and serves the club in his own way,” Fadl said during his talk on Sada Al Balad.

He added, “I see Haytham exaggerating his words about the club, (I do not have to tell the club 60 times). He could be an emotional person. I do not know his personality, but I am talking about my personality, but he served the club and succeeded in contracting good deals.”

He continued, “We finished 99% of the deals that we were asked to contract with, and Amir Tawfiq completed the rest of the files well in the presence of Adli al-Qa`i, after our departure from Al-Ahly.”

“We worked on the future and worked to end deals for the next 5 years, and we studied a large number of foreign players, including the South African national team, who scored a goal against the Egyptian national team in the last Nations Cup, which we were seeking to bring to Al-Ahly,” Mohamed Fadl concluded.


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