#Modi_Al-Shamrani .. hashtag tops “Twitter” because of what a popular Saudi singer has done through “live broadcast”!


The #Modi_Al Shamrani tag came out on social media, and it was the most widely used among the Saudis, after the response of the popular Saudi artist Moudi Al-Shamrani On the abuses and bullying she is exposed to due to her skin tone and artistic start.

The hashtag started after Modi published a video via “Instagram”, during which she appeared reviving a popular electronic party in her home, and singing “Han Al-Gharib”. It is honorable, and who doesn’t want to speak his head in the wall, and you are artists, if someone told you a slave, he said to him, translate it from the dictionary, or from Google, or anywhere, if it has a meaning, I will bring you a million. ”

Then she replied to the one who described her as a “slave”, and said: “Are you a servant of your servant, and not a servant of mine … a question, you are a servant of your servant, or a servant of a creature .. I am honored that I am a servant of my Lord, not a servant of anyone … Hanna is God’s servants and we are honored .. I am I am happy Samra .. In women who go to bask in the sun, things become Samra .. O our sweet, Samar .. We are my Lord.

The audience interacted with Moudi Al-Shamrani, especially that she did not pursue the style of the fashions and some artists in crying and sympathy of the audience, and praised her courage and strength, while others mocked her holding an electronic wedding to continue her work.

Moudi Al-Shamrani was known for her popular songs that were at the forefront of Saudi weddings, but the audience saw her form for the first time while she was performing a singing evening at the Daraa Restaurant in the Boulevard in Riyadh.

Activists at the time circulated the video extensively, only to see the singer, whom they knew by voice, and for the first time many of them appeared.


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