Lycee Verdun threatens its students: full installments or locks!


Faten Al-Hajj wrote in Al-Akhbar:

The Lycee Verdun School, affiliated with the French Secular Mission, has set June 12 as the date for the full payment of the school tuition for the current academic year 2019-2020, threatening to give up a number of professors, under the title “Protecting the interests of the families who paid the installments within the specified dates, and avoiding school closure and rise Sharp in installments next year ».

This measure exceeds the judicial decision issued a few days ago, and authorized the people not to pay the third installment until the answer to the Minister of Education Tareq Al-Majzoub’s decision regarding preparing an appendix to the budget includes a serious reduction in installments, and prevented the setting of a deadline for registration, and a separation between registration for the academic year 2020-2021 and payment of the installment the third.

Sources in the Parents Committee asked: “If the school, as it informed the court, wants to know the number of students wanting to register for the next academic year to determine the number of teachers that need them and inform those you want to dispense with before 5 July to avoid lawsuits, then why not apply the judicial decision and separate Between the installment and the registration fee? ”, Bearing in mind that according to the deadline suspension law number 160/2020, the disbursement time limit was postponed to July 30th implicitly, and parents are entitled not to pay before this date.

School sources told Al-Akhbar that they object to the minister’s decision for two reasons: “The first is that it is against the law, because the material on which it is based speaks of an increase in the tuition as a result of new burdens during the school year, which is not the case now.” The second is that preparing an appendix to the budget now will not differ from the budget submitted to the Special Education Authority, given that the budgets of Lycee schools usually consist of 74% for salaries and wages, 10% for compensation and the rest are operating expenses (unlike other schools that include 65% of salaries, wages and compensation, and 35% for operating expenses ). The sources denied the possibility of reducing even one percent of the premiums, because the school “used its halls during the forced disruption, as the teachers attended for distance education training, and some of them were teaching students remotely from the school and not from his home, as well as an additional burden that has arisen this year with a decline The price of the lira against the dollar, and its impact on the salaries of foreign teachers who are paid in euros.

In its explanatory statement to the parents, the school administration indicated that it had informed the Minister of Education that it had suffered a great loss from the past two years, and that it was committed to applying the provisions of Article 4 of Law 515/96 that requires the return of the difference teams to the families, in the event that it was found that the premiums exceeded the expenses immediately after the issuance The budget report at the end of the school year on the basis of which it determines the actual burden of the school.

The sources pointed out that «this loss prompted the French secular mission to provide one billion and 500 million pounds to the school». Regarding the linkage between registration and payment of the third installment, she explained that the school “expects to lose 30% of its students this year, which inevitably arranges an exchange for a number of professors, otherwise the premium will increase for the next academic year by 30%”, pointing out that “not paying the installment will deprive the school of The possibility of determining the number of students wishing to enroll in it next year ». But can not this number be recorded from the registration fee? The sources answer that «the internal system that the parents signed prevents them from paying the registration fee for the next year before paying the third installment». I asked: “Who will guarantee that the first and second installments of the next year be paid, and who has not paid the third installment for this year?”, Pointing out that failure to pay the third installment “will lead to a delay in paying the salaries of teachers who were receiving all their dues during the forced disruption!”

Catholic schools: differentiation within the “cartel”

There appears to be a distinction within the Catholic schools’ “cartel”, as the schools affiliated with the large monastic orders refused to reconsider their budgets and consequently make a serious deduction for their tuition, while some middle schools (relative to their tuition) decided to settle the third installment of the 2019-2020 academic year. Al-Hikma Schools This decision is for all families that have not received a discount that exceeds the percentage of the third installment, according to the directives of the Archdiocese Archbishop Paul Abdel Sater, “in view of the difficult living reality, and after taking the wishes of the parents’ committees. ”

On the other hand, the school of Our Lady of Louaizeh in Zouk Mosbeh has exempted the parents from 32% of the installment, provided that the first and second installments are paid before June 24. International Antonine did so in Ajaltoun when it asked for an exemption from the third installment that the families pay the dues of the first and second semesters and the registration fee, with 35% of the transportation allowance paid in advance at the beginning of the year. As for the Mar Youssef Aintoura Institute, it deducted 50% of the third installment (which equals between 30 and 35% of the total installment value) only, provided that the first and second installments are paid and the registration fee is 400 thousand before June 5. He appealed to the Notre Dame Institute in Jubail, the residents to pay the second installment as soon as possible without issuing any final decision regarding the third installment, “with the preparation to study the situation of each family separately.” Parents were obligated to set deadlines, even though the Deadline Suspension Law No. 160/2020 gives them until July 30.


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