Kanye West takes on the education of Gianna Floyd


American rapper and music producer Kanye West recently announced his donation of $ 2 million to support three families who lost their children in racist killings, along with the legal teams of George Floyd, Ahmed Arberry and Bruna Taylor.And some of the money will be allocated to cover the full costs of university education for “6-year-old” Guyana, the daughter of Floyd, who was killed on May 25 by a white policeman in Minneapolis, the Associated Press reported. The girl had appeared in the protest marches, and she says: “My father changed the world.”
Donations were also made to the legal teams of Arbury who were shot while running in Georgia in February 2020, and Taylor, who was killed at her home in Louisville in March.
Note that Kanye West participated, last Thursday, in the protests that took place in the streets of his hometown in Chicago, to denounce the racist performance of the American police towards blacks.


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