Kadiroglu: I do not interfere with the scenes of my wife Nislihan Atagul and I trust her!


Turkish actor Kadiroglu said that he respects his wife Nislihan Atagul’s decisions and never interferes with him because he respects her, trusts her and realizes that she will always do the best and will only accept that she appears as a married and respected girl.

He recounted: (Many journalists say that I interfere with her decisions and cancel her romantic scenes. This is not true, because I leave her a high area of ​​freedom to do whatever she wants).

He continued: (When a man trusts his wife, he is loyal to him, and Neslihan is faithful to me and we are representatives, meaning we separate between our roles that we assume and our personal life).

Kadir added: (Neslihan does not interfere with my works and does not bother with romantic viewers because she is a professional actress).

About his wife outperforming him after her series (Daughter of the Ambassador) achieved a high viewership, exceeding the viewership of his series (Al-Wasal), he commented: (Our success is one and when she excels, I excel with her).

Neslihan had postponed the idea of ​​having a child from her lifetime, despite the fact that 4 years had passed since their marriage.

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