Junior Ajay: My absence from the last African Cup of Nations shocked me


Nigerian Junior Ajay, striker of the Al-Ahly Football Club, said that he was surprised that he was excluded from the national team’s squad in the last edition of the African Cup of Nations held in Egypt.

Ajay said in statements via the “Number One” program broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel: “I was feeling from the calls of my friends in the national team that my accession to the Nations Cup was approaching, and that did not happen, and I am completely sad about that.”

He continued: “Do not expect anything, even if it happened in reverse feel sad, so I was ready for any decision, whether to join or not, but I hope to join in the next period for the team.”

He concluded: “The decision not to join the team is up to the Nigerian national team coach, and this does not mean that he is bad for me, and also does not mean that I am a bad player, and his decision is in the interest of the team from his point of view.”


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