Iraq records record high HIV infections



                    KHALID AL-MOUSILY

Al-Rashid neighborhood in Baghdad at the time of the Corona virus pandemic.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced today, Monday, 429 new cases of coronavirus, which is a record high for cases on a daily basis since the outbreak began in the country.

According to the Iraqi Ministry of Health, in a new statistic, the death toll from the new corona virus in the country during the past 24 hours increased by 429 cases, to reach the level of 6868.

This daily toll represents the largest number of new HIV infections since the outbreak in Iraq.

The ministry stated that the number of deaths from the pandemic in Iraq increased by 10 new cases, for the 3rd day in a row, rising to the point of 215 people.

It announced that 119 people have been cured among those infected with the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of recovered to 3,275.

Baghdad remained at the forefront of the number of casualties, with 172 injuries out of 429, and the capital topped the number of deaths, with 7 cases out of 10.

Source: RT


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