How do you travel by air without virus? Saudi News


“Saudi Arabia” started applying and implementing a number of preventive measures related to the resumption of the operational operations of domestic flights, in the interest of the safety of guests and employees, and in the framework of the prevention of Corona virus.The procedures include all phases of travel, both when carrying out reservations and issuing tickets and boarding passes, as well as in airport departure halls, when boarding aircraft, during the flight, until arrival and departure of the plane’s guests, then the arrival hall to their destinations. The pre-flight prevention measures include the implementation of all steps for reservation and issuance of tickets, as well as the boarding pass and baggage card through the electronic channels of Saudi Airlines, whether the official website of “Saudi Arabia” through computers or via its application on smart devices.

The procedures of Saudi Airlines at the airport include checking the temperature for employees and guests before entering the airport building, and ensuring that everyone wears masks inside the airport and on the plane and is committed to social spacing before entering the terminal and in all locations inside the airport and in the departure hall and knights hall, and all sites are equipped with stickers and instructions according to Prevention measures issued by the Ministry of Health. Preventive measures included organizing the provision of services to guests inside the airport terminal to ensure that a safe distance is left while waiting in the lines for completing travel procedures, activating self-delivery of luggage through the devices designated for that and sending the luggage acceptance cards to the guest electronically, and guests will be escalated to the plane in batches to avoid physical closeness Among the guests.

Procedures on the plane begin with cleaning and sterilization of all the facilities of the plane before each flight and continuous sterilization during the flight for some facilities, while the crew of the plane will organize receiving and sitting guests and allocating seats to ensure social separation, and hospitality services such as refreshments and snacks will be provided in advance for guests in a preventive manner, and sales have been stopped Air and made available electronically only, while all publications, paper newspapers and awareness flyers were prevented from being distributed on board.

Onboard procedures also include the suspension of the distribution of blankets and pillows during flights.

Two hours before the flight attendance

The new preventive measures for Saudi Airlines require the presence of guests traveling to the airport at least two hours before the flight date, and the priority will be to provide the service for people with special needs, and children (less than 15 years) will not be allowed travel without an escort. “Saudi Arabia” stressed the precautionary measures for its employees, especially those standing in the first ranks to serve the guests, as a temperature test is carried out before entering the airport building to perform the tasks, in addition to wearing protective means at all times during the exercise of their duties at the airport or on the plane and includes means of protection Gags, gloves and other approved means, while following all the basic guidelines for infection control recommended by the Ministry of Health, in addition to avoiding gathering in the offices of Nubia employees and only communicating and coordinating through mobile devices, in addition to that, the constant concern to sterilize all service sites as well as setting up barriers On platforms, terminate procedures to protect guests and employees.


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