His killing and walking at his funeral is an example that applies to Saudi Arabia


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Saudi Arabia’s announcement of the “virtual grant” it will provide to Yemen came during the virtual conference it held in partnership with the United Nations for donor countries with the aim of providing support to Yemen, which has been exhausted by the Saudi aggression during the past six years.

Without a doubt, Saudi Arabia has its first and last goal in this conference is to polish its image only that transcended the blood of Yemeni children, women and men, it is now leading and is proud that it will donate half a billion dollars, but it seems that the members of the conference who turned a blind eye to Saudi crimes in Yemen, did not ask the last of The costs of its aggression against Yemen, which was not left nor wasted.

Quite simply the answer to this question mentioned by the American magazine “Foreign Policy” in a report, noting that the losses of Saudi Arabia in its aggression against Yemen amounted to 725 billion dollars by the end of last year 2019, and that these funds, if spent on the rise of Saudi Arabia, would have risen without the need to see Bin Salman, which has entered the country in severe austerity, especially since the high costs of its aggression against Yemen caused an economic recession and grumbling by the various industrial and commercial sectors in Saudi Arabia, not to mention the disintegration in the ruling family after imprisoning its most important symbols in the Ritz Hotel and the resulting smuggling of funds from within it Out.

According to the American magazine, this large amount was spent to kill Yemeni children and women and destroy infrastructure, and that Saudi money was also used to kill Syrians and destroy their country..

In all cases, if we consider that even the half a billion dollars that Saudi Arabia claimed will provide to Yemen would be a spoil and gain, but the question is, will Saudi Arabia really donate to this amount to the Yemenis?

The answer to this question is also simple. Whoever mentions the report of Al-Arabiya’s correspondent, Muhammad al-Arab, in which he spoke about Saudi Arabia’s construction of an airport in Marib without essentially having an airport, and behind it a barren desert, and how the broadcaster’s broadcaster entered into a spell of intense laughter, from the intensity of lying, He will know that whoever builds fake airports is also able to distribute billions billions in virtual conferences.


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