Hey pictures :: Here is what the Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy revealed about the ‘single and double’ cars decision … will it continue or not?


The Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mohamed Fahmy, confirmed after the cabinet session that “the single and double decisions are continuing, and the matter regarding it belongs to the Council of Ministers.”Fahmy called for “commitment to peace during the demonstrations,” and said: “I am meaningful, but provocation is forbidden.” He added: “If the demonstrations on Saturday were peaceful, I will be among the demonstrators, then I am a retired general and my colleagues in the field.”

He continued: “As for the cracking of what happened with the protesters with the Ain Al-Tina guards, these are not affiliated with the Ministry of Interior, and I have no authority over them.”

On general mobilization, Fahmy revealed that “it will be extended for two weeks by a decision of the Supreme Council of Defense.”


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