“Hannah Ward” … An Egyptian short film on his way to Oscar – Al-Benaa newspaper


status From Recovery Witness it the middle Film The Egyptian During Period Last, After days A few From Advertising festival It was Film Selection the movie novelist the long «Suad» To the director Aiten Trustworthy, within His choices Official For the year 2020. reveal The account the official For the movie novelist Short «Henna flower» For the director Intend Mustafa, Across Site Communication Social «Facebook», About Share it at festival Palm Springs Film International In the states United American.

It takes place the event at Period From 16 to me 22 From Month June Present, In a way hypothetical Across Internet Because pandemic virus Sk. It is considered The Topic Qualified the movies To participate at awards Oscars For the year 2021.

I stay Display Global the first For the movie beginning Year Present, within Choices Official For a festival Clermont Ferran International For the movie Short In France, and he Larger A forum international For movies Short.

Spin events the movie Around «Halima», Which a woman Sudanese Live at Egypt, Working «Tenderness» Which Paint Henna For the bride, And before Parties wedding You go Halima to me party Henna at One Biology Popular to do With her work And prepare the bride, With company Her daughter «flower» Adult From Age 7 Years, And that Wandering around inside Flat And you explore the place Curiously children.

Study Intend Mustafa, The output Film at «palace Cinema» Public 2008, And it works at Industry the movies Ago Public 2010 As an assistant Director For a number From Directors, Including at that director Mohammed Diab And aura Khalil at «Nawara» And sheriff Bandari at «Ali goat And Ibrahim». It is counted Movie «Henna flower» first His projects Cinematic As an author And director.


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