Hamdok pledges to make every effort to stop Sudanese bloodshed – Politics – News


The Sudanese Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdouk, confirmed today, Wednesday, that ending the sit-in of the General Command is one of the saddest and most painful moments in the contemporary history of Sudan, pledging to make every effort to stop the Sudanese bloodshed.

Hamdouk said, in a speech to the Sudanese people today on the occasion of the first anniversary of the breaking of the sit-in broadcast by the Sudanese media, that “achieving comprehensive justice and retribution for the souls of the martyrs of the sit-in massacre, which took place on the third of June last year, is an inevitable and irreversible step.”

He stressed his adherence to achieving this step because it is necessary in order to build a Sudan of justice and the rule of law, noting that it is important to break the evil cycle of political violence and the use of weapons against citizens.

Hamdouk explained that the great epic of redemption at the dawn of the third of June, her memory will remain immortal in the history book, separating between boldness and cowardice, and the fulfillment of a decent future in the face of the stab of vile treachery.

Hamdouk stressed the necessity of revealing the true criminals behind the crime of breaking up the sit-in and holding them accountable, adding that “Sudanese blood is expensive for this. Publicly, in order to stop this bleeding and ensure justice and sustainable social peace-making in Sudan. ”

Hamdouk indicated that they will not allow the crimes to be repeated again in order to build a rule of law state.

He added: “What I pledge to all of you in the niche of the homeland, which I have been working on since the first moment to assume the presidency of the Transitional Cabinet, that I make every effort to stop the bleeding of the precious Sudanese blood, because Sudanese blood is more expensive than any price we do.”

It is noteworthy that on the third of June of 2019, the authorities in Sudan broke up the sit-in of the General Command, killing 128 people and missing many.




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