Gulf market indicators rise … and record new deaths and injuries


The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced the registration of 6 deaths and 887 cases of the “Corona” virus. The ministry said that the number of injuries rose to 28,649, including 226 deaths, and 14,281 recoveries.In the UAE, the Ministry of Health has detected 3 deaths and 596 new infections. The ministry said in its statement that the total number of injuries rose to 35,788, including 269 deaths, and 18,826 recovery cases.
Likewise, the Omani Ministry of Health reported 576 cases of the virus, bringing the total to 12799, including 59 deaths, and 2812 recovery cases.
On the other hand, Corona virus deaths have increased in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, according to official statistics. In the first, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 24 deaths, 1869 injuries, in addition to the recovery of 1484 patients; As for the second, the Ministry of Health announced 20 deaths and 519 injuries, in addition to recovering 233 cases.

Abu Dhabi bourse up
Most of the major stock exchanges in the Arab Gulf region closed on the rise, and Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange outperformed the rest of the region, while the Saudi Stock Exchange fell before a meeting of «OPEC +» on production cuts.
The Abu Dhabi index rose 2.6%, thanks to the rise of the UAE shares, Etisalat, by 4.9% after its Egyptian unit signed agreements with the Egyptian Telecom Company, allowing it to continue providing mobile phone offers and services to customers in Egypt.
Reuters also reported that First Abu Dhabi Bank, the largest bank in the Emirates, sold Formosa 30-year bonds with a zero-coupon of $ 500 million last month in a private placement.
The UAE’s official news agency, which suspended non-citizens from entering on March 19, also reported that residents with families in the Emirates would start returning from June 1.
The Qatar Stock Exchange index rose 0.5% with the rise of Qatar National Bank 1.1%. In contrast, the main Saudi index fell 0.1%, hurt by a drop in the giant oil company «Aramco» 0.8% before the meeting of «OPEC +».


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