German carmakers welcome scheduled support for electric cars



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Thursday 4 June 2020 – 5:45 PM
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Thursday 4 June 2020 – 5:45 PM

Car manufacturers in Germany welcomed the ruling coalition’s decision to increase financial support for electric cars and hybrid cars in the face of the repercussions of the Corona crisis.

The ruling coalition had approved late Wednesday evening a huge economic stimulus package worth about 130 billion euros to face the repercussions of Corona, and this package included the exchange of a new buying incentive for electric cars.

Volkswagen, the largest car manufacturer in Europe, said that expanding support for these cars is a logical step to support the economic situation and the auto industry in light of the crisis.

“We consider this to be a good and important boost,” declared Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg Thursday. The company considered that the overall program approved by the government could contribute “to supporting people in the crisis and positively impacting public mood and behavior.”

The company also praised the temporary reduction of value-added tax and new investments in research and the expansion of the scope of recharging networks for electric mobility. The company also welcomed the government’s efforts with the Commission to allocate a program to renew fleets of heavy commercial trucks in the European Union.

Volkswagen had hoped that government aid would also include modern fuel cars as well as electric cars.

In a related context, BMW welcomed the government’s package, and Olivier Tsepez, CEO of the company said in a statement: “The measures taken are a valuable accelerator of transformation in order to encourage more customers for sustainable mobility.”

He added: “We welcome the comprehensive economic stimulus package for the country,” noting that the measures can give broad economic payments. He said that the company considers supporting the hydrogen technology a positive point because of the great potential of this technology.

For its part, Daimler saw the package as a “good and unbiased solution” and described the rapid presence of an effective program to support the economic situation, as an important matter, noting that it welcomed this very much.

The company added: “From our point of view, reducing VAT is an important signal to support domestic demand, and the measures contained in the future package for environmentally friendly transportation for commercial trucks and passenger cars are logical and support our central tasks for transformation in the automotive industry: digitalization and carbon neutrality.”


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