Formula 1 | Governmental green light for the Great Britain Prize


In a report, it could mean allowing two races to be held at the Silverstone circuit in the world championship Formula OneBBC reported that the British government will exempt high-level athletes from the mandatory 14-day compulsory quarantine imposed on travelers coming to Britain, in light of the outbreak novel coronavirus Coved 19.

The British Network indicated that the Great Britain Prize will be held twice this season, on August 2 and 9.

A spokesman for the Formula One told (BBC): We welcome the government’s efforts to allow the continuation of professional sports activities and support for the resumption of our championship.

He added: We will continue close dialogue with the authorities in the coming weeks as we prepare to resume our championship during the first week of July.
The establishment of the British stage of the Formula One World Championship was threatened by a quarantine measure aimed at curbing the spread of the new Corona virus.This procedure will be implemented from the eighth of June.

The 2020 tournament was due to start in mid-March, but the consequences of the new Corona virus prevented it. And the first ten races that were scheduled this season, met the cancellation or postponement to an unspecified date.

The organizers of the World Championship hope to launch the season from the Austrian Red Bull Ring, by holding two consecutive races on 5 and 12 July.


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