Emirates News Agency – “The House of Oud in your hospitality” celebrates the classics of Arabic singing in a virtual ceremony


Abu Dhabi, June 1 / WAM / Series of sessions continue
The virtual music “The House of Oud in Your Hospitality” with the launch of its fifth concert via
The Internet on June 3, under the technical supervision of Oud Professor Artist Naseer Shamma
Dr. Fathallah Ahmad, head of the voices department in “The House of Oud”.

The famous series, organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, celebrates
At her most recent concert with the rich legacy of classical Arabic singing; Where it takes part
A group of talented graduates from the department.

As an integral part of the musical heritage and cultural identity
For the Arab world, the new concert is reviving the tradition of classical Arabic singing
With Shamma, distinguished graduates and teachers in “The House of Oud”, where they present
All of them are an amazing experience in which fresh sounds and beautiful tunes blend together
It is a token of appreciation for the most beautiful Arab voices in history.

The concert begins at 9:00 p.m., when the Kour star sings the song “The Heart.”
Loves every beautiful “of the words of Bayram Tunisian, composed by Riad Al-Sanbati, and presented
Nancy Khalaf Zakak Hymn “Under Your Protection” from Mansour Labaki’s words and music.

Ronahi Mamo is also taking part in the concert with the poem “Al-Rida wa Al-Nour” from Lyrics
The poet Hussein Al-Sayyid, composed by Riyad Al-Sunbati; In addition to many
Distinguished artists.

The concert also includes musical pieces played on the oud and oriental law
With the performance of the professors of “House of Oud”, Bassam Abdel Sattar and Mohammed Duhi, in addition to
Songs of the Emirati heritage, performed collectively by all participants.

The series “The House of Oud is in your hospitality,” which complements the “Naseer Shamma” concert
And friends “, to spread the message of hope and optimism during the Covid 19-epidemic crisis
The world is currently going through it, and the music sessions are usually broadcast on Wednesday.
Where the House of Oud musicians from all over the world perform great performances
From their homes under the technical supervision of the artist Naseer Shamma.

The series “The House of Oud in Your Hospitality” included a number of concerts even
Now, including the “New Law” ceremony, and “Naseer Shamma and al-Oud graduates:
The story of the oud “, and” the singing of the month of Ramadan “.

WAM / Ahmed Al-Nuaimi / Reda Abdel-Nour


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