Emirates News Agency – A partnership between “Abu Dhabi Motorsports” and a British foundation to launch a world electronic championship


Abu Dhabi June 4 / WAM / Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management Company announced
And the British company Gefinity, which specializes in games and electronic sports,
On launching a five-year partnership between them with the aim of organizing a new racing championship
Electronic cars, their ownership is shared between the two parties.

The tournament will bring together the extensive experiences of the two partners in organizing international experiences
Level, including the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi.

The new championship competitions are based on an unprecedented view of the organization
Virtual car racing, and you will see the participation of some of the fastest
Professional contestants on simulators with a group of teams from a world
Digital car racing.

Al Tariq Al Ameri, CEO of Abu Dhabi Sports Management Company, said
Cars: The company’s strategy is to invest in leading experiences
In motorsports, digital races are among the cornerstones of these
Vision. The tournament will witness the participation of some of the best teams in
The world to join the high-level global competitions .. and join us
Giveni is our vision in this field to be the ideal partner for the establishment of this championship.

“It’s a sport,” said John Clark, CEO of Givinetti
Cars are one of the most important foundations of our strategy, and that is why we are
We are excited about this important 5-year partnership with Abu Dhabi Management Company
Motorsports, especially since we both are interested in e-sports, and have
The desire to launch a tournament stands alongside major leagues and labels at
The motorsport field.

He added: “The world is seeing an increasing interest in e-sports and there
Over 100 million electronic car racing players globally. And our work
To develop a championship with competitions that meet all the attractions, and will be announced on
Later on additional information about the tournament will be made in the next few weeks. ”

Organizers stated that Race Control will be adopted for arbitration and rendering
Data during the race, ensuring unprecedented levels of information are provided
About the performance of cars and drivers, and reviews for fans.

The championship and its unique racing program are designed to meet the growing demand for
Digital car racing competitions globally, to provide several hours of broadcast in
Each season, and in conjunction with the launch of new digital channels dedicated to the championship to reach
To the largest possible audience globally.

WAM / Amin Al-Dobly / Dina Omar / Mostafa Badr El-Din


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