Egypt decides to use the drug “Ebola” to treat people with corona – ERN News


Source: Ahmed Mahmoud – Toss News

Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Committee to confront Corona Virus in the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Dr. Gehan El Assal, revealed that a new drug was included in the protocol for treating people with HIV Sk Covid-19 ″, as part of an experiment, is the remediffer drug.

Al-Assal said, in exclusive statements to “Erm News”, that “Remdisfer” is scheduled to arrive in Egypt within days, provided that therapeutic trials for him with those with corona will start immediately in accordance with the established protocol.

She emphasized that “the drug obtained preliminary approval from the American Medicines Authority to treat severe cases of people infected with the emerging virus,” noting that Egypt would use “Remisdiver” within an international experiment under the supervision of the United Nations in several countries.

She pointed out that the results of treatment protocols with “remdisifer” for Corona sufferers are the best, as it reduces the patient’s hospitalization period, to 11 days instead of 14 or more days.

She noted that “Redsimfer” works to convert the result of the analysis (pcr) from positive to negative in a faster time, and reduces the proliferation of the Corona virus, explaining that the drug will be used for cases with severe infection with the Corona virus.

Governments around the world are racing to obtain sufficient supplies of the drug “Remdisifer”, which the US Food and Drug Administration has agreed to use as a treatment against corona.

For its part, the US drug-producing company Gilead Sciences said it would donate about 1.5 million doses sufficient to treat at least 140,000 patients.

The drug was initially developed by the American pharmaceutical company to treat Ebola, in 2015, and was subsequently used in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but ultimately it failed as an effective treatment for Ebola.


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