Educating young people about building housing confirms the leadership’s interest in them


Sharjah 24 – WAM:His Excellency Shamma bint Suhail bin Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Foundation for Youth, explained that the approval of the Council of Ministers during its meeting last Thursday, headed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the State and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God bless him, policy Educating young people about the basics of building a home is compelling evidence of the wise leadership’s interest in, caring for and protecting young people, enriching their experiences and achieving family stability for them and society, and making them a role model worldwide.

Her Excellency said: “The decision to adopt the new policy, one of the initiatives of the Federal Foundation for Youth, reflects the keenness of the UAE government to put the youth of the country on the right path, to start a new family life full of hope, optimism, determination and determination, to achieve more successes and accomplishments, and embodies the continuous accompaniment to the aspirations of the Emirates youth And work to achieve their aspirations and secure their requirements, to move forward in overcoming challenges and turning them into opportunities to continue the path of building a bright and sustainable future for the state. ”

She added: “Providing a comprehensive policy to educate young people about the basics of building a home was one of the priorities of the work teams in the Federal Youth Foundation, and it is considered a pioneering step to enable the youth of the country and activate their role, and involve them and give them the opportunity to contribute constructively to achieving the strategic goals of the state, being the most valuable wealth of the country and the largest segment In the UAE, the main pillar for achieving the sustainable development goals. ”

Her Excellency clarified that the work teams in the Foundation worked hard and sincerely to achieve this achievement, and to provide a living and comprehensive platform to educate young people about all stages of building a home, correct previous experiences and benefit from them, and create the appropriate environment for them to go towards their energy towards a bright tomorrow, and achieve family stability for Home and community service.

She pointed out that the new policy would not have been achieved without joint and constructive cooperation with all partners in the housing sector in the UAE, noting that the next stage requires more cooperation for the success of its activation and success to contribute to achieving the best results for the outcome of the homeland and society.

Her Excellency expressed her thanks and gratitude for the joint and integrated cooperation by all parties in the sector with the Federal Foundation for Youth, working with the spirit of one team to implement the vision of rational leadership to empower young people, and contribute to building their future and overcoming all obstacles and challenges in front of them, to start a new phase that is a basis for starting a safe and stable future life For the current and upcoming youth class.

His Excellency Saeed Al-Nazri, Director General of the Federal Foundation for Youth, stated that the adoption of the new policy is an affirmation of the UAE government’s keenness to support young people in all stages of their lives, noting that the work teams in the Federal Foundation will spare no effort in putting the UAE youth on the right path, and sensitizing them to the latest designs and technologies Building a house, providing the necessary support, and introducing them to the most important basics of building their homes according to the highest international standards.

He said: “Politics is an essential base for educating the youth of the Emirates in all aspects of housing construction, and it works to facilitate their mission and prepare them for a better life.”

Noting the importance of this stage, as it includes several accurate details concerned with engineering, design and budget, as it will contribute to introducing them to all the files and documents required to complete their project and start a new life based on stability.

The Youth Awareness Policy on the basics of building a home provides young people with all the necessary information on how to apply for a grant or loan from a government housing agency, in addition to introducing them to the criteria, conditions, and requirements for entitlement, and other necessary information related to all stages of housing construction.

The new policy aims to educate young people and educate them about the housing programs available in the country, facilitate the construction process in general, and sensitize them to modern building methods and techniques, to ensure high quality in buildings, and avoid delays in the implementation of the construction project, in addition to contributing to reducing the cost of building housing through educating young people Construction process.

According to the decision issued by the Council of Ministers on all federal and local government agencies concerned with housing programs in the state, requiring all young people between the ages of 18-35 years of those applying for housing support to complete a training course on the basics of housing construction, as a main condition for accepting housing support requests , And applicants must submit a course completion certificate from the list of documents required to provide this support.

Also, all federal and local government agencies involved in housing programs in the state must add a certificate of completion of the training course to the list of documents required to submit a request for housing support, or before the young man submits the grant or housing loan, and authority is given to housing programs to determine the stage at which the young beneficiary must complete the training course In it, according to its requirements to ensure that the maximum benefit is provided from the information provided.

Also, the authorities must update the list of required documents, to include the course completion certificate and add the course content to all its affiliate websites, in addition to the unified housing portal with the addition of the ability to download the certificate electronically after completing the training course, and within the framework of the full follow-up from the cabinet to implement the decision The Sheikh Zayed Housing Program submits the annual reports of the Council of Ministers, to show the percentage of young people who have completed the housing training program out of the total of young people who have provided housing support in the federal and local authorities.


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