Disguised as health inspectors … and carried out the easiest “Corona thefts” in Africa – Site News – Follow-up


Members of the Corona Virus Crisis gang took advantage of a robbery in a supermarket in a city in South Africa, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The gang members deny the clothes of health inspectors with white coats and medical masks, and carry papers when entering the supermarket, as they monitor the application of precautionary measures for Corona virus in the supermarket.

They managed to seize the sum of 200,000 South African rand, equivalent to about $ 12,000, from the supermarket treasury.

Surveillance footage showed the four men walking quietly into the supermarket, talking to an employee sitting behind a desk, and then continuing to walk through a set of glass doors to their target.

The police confirmed, as reported by the “Daily Mail”, that two of the gang members detained the supermarket manager and an employee at gunpoint, before they quickly seized all the money in the treasury.




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