Development plans for “professional” competitions in the new season – sports – Emirates stadiums


The League of Professionals reveals, during the coming days, a number of projects and development plans for its competitions for the new season expected to start at the end of October or the beginning of next November, and the Sports Statement learned that it was agreed not to cancel the Arab Gulf Cup championship, to preserve the rights of clubs and companies And sponsors, but the competition will witness a fundamental change in its system, where it is expected to be held a knockout system in order to save time while changing the system of distributing financial rewards for the competition to motivate clubs to take care of them, so that the prizes allocated to the competition will be distributed based on the results of the matches and on the rise to the final stages.

The under-21 competition is developing in the mechanism of its establishment, provided that the age group of the players participating in the next season is born in 2000-2001 in addition to 4 players born in 1999, and the competition aims to link the age stage between the age group teams and the first team, and it also serves the team Olympic and youth team, and will not be linked to the league until it is covered in the media in a separate way, or the competition is held two days after the first team match, with the redistribution of the financial returns for the competition, after the clubs agreed on its importance and the need to keep it while working to develop it.

The new season witnesses the application of a new mechanism for the resident player’s participation, after some clubs protested that there was a mistake in the field application, as conditions will be laid down to legalize the resident player’s recruitment, in addition to the basic conditions, that he be 19 years old or younger, and that he not have participated with his national team In order to benefit from it financially and technically if it is completed at least a year inside the country. There will be conditions for the registration of the resident player, including that he has residency in the country for a year or more, and be a professional player without prejudice to the players registered in the previous season.



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