Designer Amal: Women breathe creativity – Saudi News


Accessories designer Amal Al Otaibi described the Saudi woman as a distinguished designer of accessories. She told «Okaz»: Since the beginning of time, women have been creative in the world of design, but the lack of visibility prevented them from knowing their capabilities and capabilities, but with the advent of social networking sites, they became more prominent and the lights around them and their aesthetic touches appeared.As a lot of names emerged, and excelled and distinguished in the world of accessory design, and Vision 2030 had a great role in its success not only in the design of accessories, but also in several areas.

She indicated that her choice in the field of accessories design stems from her passion for handicrafts from childhood, and she said: “I used to disassemble my accessories and remodel them to be distinguished from others, and from here I started making my own accessories, and started in my work,” pointing out that the accessories have become one of the most important luxuries of our time. Due to the diversity of designs and the difference in materials, a distinctive piece can be made with simple and available materials.

Amal considered that the source of her inspiration for everything around her radiates beauty, and in some cases, events and situations are a powerful source for her to express, noting that the elements and components differ, and that any element has an aesthetic addition that can be used, explaining that her current focus is on heritage embroidery and resin.

And on the most prominent stations that brought about a shift in her career, Amal added: “My participation in the Okaz Market Competition and my second place award two years in a row for the creative character category, and also my use of sectarian roses in the field of accessories, and in my designs I do not go towards a specific culture or civilization, as I derive from Every civilization is beautiful in it, bearing in mind that I have “my identity” in design, out of the ordinary, non-repetition and quality, and I consider that the commercial and aesthetic aspects are complementary to each other, and to design a piece and ensure that its aesthetic I make sure that it is suitable for everyone. ”

On the biggest challenges she faces, she said: “Every day in my life I consider it a challenge that motivates me to develop myself, and not to stop at a certain point, and my goal since the beginning of my career is to be a global brand.”


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