Cristiano Ronaldo’s news … in numbers … Messi’s and Ronaldo’s market value collapses … The Don ranks 70


Ronaldo – Messi

Sport 360 – The market value of the two stars declined Cristiano Ronaldo attacker Juventus And Lionel Messi a star Barcelona Shockingly in front of the current young stars, the holders of 11 gold balls in the last 12 years were not among the leading positions in the list of the most valuable players in the world.

Messi is out of the list of the most expensive 20 players and Ronaldo ranked 70

The two stars missed the top 20 in the list of the most valuable soccer stars, with Liu ranked 21st, while the Don ranked 70th.

Despite the late positions of the leaders of Argentina and Portugal, but they have achieved record numbers, as the flea is the star of the Catalan team is the most valuable player over the age of thirty years, while the Madeira missile attacker, the 35-year-old, is the largest player in the list of the most valuable 100 players in the world value.

Competitions will return La Liga Next Thursday, June 11th, against Sevilla against Real Betis, it will be a match Barcelona Messi first led away from home against Real Mallorca on Saturday, June 13th, and Real Madrid is second with 57 points, two points behind leaders Barcelona, ​​after 27 rounds of the competition.

As for Juventus, they will face Bologna 22 this month at the last stadium, and Bianco Neri tops the Serie A table, one point behind Lazio after 26 rounds.

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