Corona virus: ibuprofen test as a treatment for the epidemic


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Scientists in Britain are testing ibuprofen to see if it can help treat SK patients in hospitals.

The treating team from Gays and St. Thomas Hospital and King’s College Hospital in London believe that the drug, which is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, can treat respiratory problems caused by infection with the Corona virus.

Scientists hope this low-cost drug will keep corona virus patients away from artificial respiration.

The experiment, dubbed “Lybrite”, is based on the fact that half of the patients will receive ibuprofen, in addition to personal care supplies.

The experiment is to use a special combination of ibuprofen instead of the usual pill that people might buy.

Some people already take the drug to treat some conditions, such as arthritis.

Animal studies suggest that this drug may treat acute respiratory distress syndrome, a complication of severe infection with the Coronavirus.

“We need to do an experiment to show that the available evidence actually matches our expectations,” said Professor Mitul Mehta, a team member at Kings College Hospital.

Earlier in the outbreak, there was concern that taking ibuprofen might be bad if the virus was present with mild symptoms.

These concerns escalated when France’s Health Minister, Oliver Ferrand, said that taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen could worsen the infection and advised patients to take paracetamol instead.

A quick review by the Human Medicines Committee concluded that it is safe for patients with symptoms of Coronavirus to take ibuprofen, just like paracetamol. Both drugs can lower the temperature and help treat flu-like symptoms.

The National Health Service in Britain advises people with mild symptoms of coronavirus to try paracetamol first because it has fewer side effects compared to ibuprofen and is the safest choice for most people.

Patients should not take ibuprofen if they suffer from stomach ulcers, for example.


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