Corona vaccine soon and the success rate is 99%


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Chinese researchers launched a new lease of hope on the world after they announced that they are “99% confident that the vaccine they are developing will be effective in combating the emerging coronavirus,” which has so far infected more than 6 million people around the world and has killed hundreds of thousands of people and caused By disrupting life in different parts of the universe.

According to information published by the British newspaper “Al Sun”, and viewed by “Al”, the Chinese company “Sinovac” specialized in biotechnology research has entered into the second phase of experiments related to the vaccine that it is developing in order to combat the “Corona” virus, where it participates At this stage, more than a thousand volunteers, amid great optimism among researchers that they will soon be able to produce the appropriate vaccine that will eliminate the virus.

The company also said that it had begun to conduct preliminary talks in order to enter the third phase of the experiments, which will be conducted in Britain, and this stage will be the last in the field of ongoing research, according to the newspaper “The Sun”.

“Yes, yes … it is definitely successful … I am 99% sure of it,” said Liu Beishan, a researcher with the Chinese company, in response to a question whether the tests conducted so far were successful.

The company “Sinovac” published the results of its medical research in a scientific journal late last month and revealed the vaccine that they called “Corona Vac”, and said at the time that it succeeded in protecting monkeys from infection with the “Corona” virus emerging.

The company said at the time that it hoped to conduct clinical trials of this vaccine at its three levels outside China, due to the decline in infections inside China to the point that making these experiments difficult.

“We are talking to many European countries and I think we have had good talks with Britain,” said Helen Young, who is the executive director of investor relations at the company, but added, “We are still in the initial stage of talks.”

However, the company “Sinovac” confirmed that although experiments are still ongoing on this vaccine, it is still proceeding with its production processes in parallel with the experiments, where it hopes to produce huge quantities once the experiments succeed in all its stages and upon obtaining the necessary legal and regulatory approvals for its use.

The company says that the commercial plant for this vaccine is already under construction in the Chinese capital, Beijing, and will be able to produce more than 100 million doses of vaccine once clinical trials are completed and obtain the necessary approvals for its use.

“We do not recommend that all residents take the vaccine,” Yang says. “We have discussed this with many countries and have recommended them to them, as we initially target groups most vulnerable to HIV infection such as medical personnel or the elderly who are at greater risk if they contract this virus.”


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