“Community Development”: The law permits the granting of exceptional assistance to those who have no work without their will – localities – others


The Ministry of Community Development affirmed that the state is keen to provide decent livelihoods for all people of the homeland and protect them socially, specifically citizens who pass through exceptional circumstances that prevent them from providing decent livelihoods for themselves and their families, and to take into the hands of individuals who do not work for a reason outside their control, by providing social assistance Exceptionally temporary, until the individual is able to join work.

The ministry denied, in a press statement yesterday, what was reported by some media, newspapers and accounts via social media, from the statements attributed to the ministry, and came after the participation of the Minister of Community Development, Hessa bint Issa Buhamid, in the tenth session of the Federal National Council, which was held the day before yesterday .

The ministry confirmed that all the statements that were circulated are out of context, especially those that relate to the disbursement of aid to the unemployed, which came after discussing the text of the federal law that permits the disbursement of exceptional social assistance to those who have no work “because of a reason outside their control”, according to Article 7 From the Social Security Law of 2001.

The ministry also confirmed that what was reported about the number of the unemployed came from a member of the Federal National Council, a number that the ministry did not confirm, and called on the media and accounts to investigate the accuracy and objectivity, and the obligation to publish the correct information.

A member of the Federal National Council, Adnan Hamad Muhammad al-Hammadi, asked a question to Bouhamid during the session, in which he said: “Federal Law No. 2 of 2001, concerning social security, provides for exceptional social assistance for those who have no work … so why does the ministry not spend this assistance For all eligible citizens? ”

The Ministry said, in its answer: The Federal Law No. 2 of 2001 regarding social security has specified in Article 4 the categories that deserve social assistance, for example: the widow – the elderly – the orphan – the unknown of the parents, and other groups stipulated in the law And not among those categories “who has no work”, except that the seventh article of the law permits the disbursement of exceptional social assistance to those who have no work due to a reason outside his control and who has no source of income, and for a period of six months, and the Ministry takes upon consideration of the application some factors, including : (Financial issues – temporary medical disability – exposure to loss in trade – weakness or lack of educational qualification).

The ministry’s response to the question included a presentation of the number of exceptional social assistance “for those who have no work due to an out of his control”, where aid has been disbursed to 3245 cases, since 2017. She stressed that she is keen on a continuous and sustainable basis to simplify the procedures for obtaining the services it provides to various segments of society Especially social security, by developing integrated linkage systems with different entities, and speeding up procedures for case research and periodic research for those entitled to insurance, in addition to an advanced case study to obtain support.

The state is keen on providing decent living for all the people of the country, and protecting them socially, especially those who are going through exceptional circumstances.




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