Claims of justice on the anniversary of the breaking up of the sit-in in Sudan … and Hamdouk pledges to “retribution for the souls of the martyrs”


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Khartoum – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: On the anniversary of the dissolution of the general leadership’s sit-in, which broke out yesterday, Wednesday, Sudanese renewed their demand for retribution from the perpetrators, and while Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk affirmed the continuation of achieving the goals of the revolution and establishing democracy in fulfillment of the martyrs, a number of organizations issued statements She condemned the “massacre” and called for revealing the truth.
On June 3, 2019, armed men in military uniforms broke up a sit-in to demand the handing over of civilians to the army’s General Command headquarters in Khartoum, after President Omar al-Bashir was toppled in April of the same year.
According to the Ministry of Health, the process of killing resulted in the death of 66 people, while the “Forces for the Freedom and Change” that led the popular movement at that time estimated the number of victims at 128.
The forces of change held the military council, which was then in charge, responsible for breaking up the sit-in, while the council said that it had not issued a decree order.
In September 2019, Hamdok issued a decision to form an independent investigation committee into the sit-in incidents.
Thousands of Sudanese lined up the sides of the Khartoum roads and closed some of them by barricades, lit the tires to commemorate the memory, demanding retribution from the actors, and expressing their dissatisfaction with the delay in revealing the results of the investigation

“We will not forget”

And in Omdurman, Ayman Abdullah, one of the young demonstrators, told Al-Quds Al-Arabi: “We will not forget the massacre of the general leadership, nor will we forget the martyrs, and we will continue to remember their memory until the Day of Judgment.”
He added: «Those who killed the martyrs are known and they are at the top of the leadership pyramid in this country, and the matter does not need an investigation that takes all this time to reveal them and if the results are delayed more than that we will remove them all from the government and judge them all and we are able to do that.
Hamaddouk delivered an address on the occasion to the Sudanese people, in which he said: “The great epic of redemption at the dawn of the third of June, her memory will remain immortal in the history book, separating between boldness and cowardice, and fulfilling a decent future in the face of the stab of the insidious treachery.”
He continued: «I assure you all, that achieving universal justice and retribution for the souls of our hero martyrs in the massacre of the sit-in, and in the crime of the eighth and tenth of Ramadan that preceded it, and for the wounded and missing, is an inevitable and irreversible step, and it is absolutely necessary in order to build a Sudan of justice and the rule of government The law we seek, in order to break the evil cycle of political violence and the use of weapons against citizens. ”
He added, “It is necessary to reveal the real criminals behind the crime of breaking up the sit-in and hold them accountable. We are awaiting the completion of the work of the independent investigation committee, which will be followed by submitting all those found guilty of participating in the massacre of unfolding sit-ins for fair and public trials, in order to stop this bleeding and ensure justice in its comprehensive meaning and the sustainable social peace industry in Sudan. ”
And that: “The battle to consolidate democracy in Sudan and push the locomotive of development in order to build a homeland befitting our great people is the true fulfillment of the blood of the martyrs.”

Al-Dugair confirms that holding those involved accountable is a national demand … and the investigation committee promises to publish its report soon

Omar Al-Dugair, Chairman of the Sudanese Congress Party stressed that “revealing those involved in the massacre to break the sit-in and holding them accountable is a national demand, and that appreciation, honor, material and moral solidarity with the families of the martyrs is a national duty.”
And that “the loyalty to the martyrs and their blood requires everyone to review the path to correct and restore the glow and strength of the revolution and direct the compass toward achieving the goals that the martyrs dowled with their blood.”
Likewise, the leader of the Communist Party, Siddiq Farooq Al-Tom, commented on the anniversary, saying: “What happened against crimes against humanity and our humility to call it by breaking up the sit-in, was not intended to disperse the protesters from the vicinity of the General Command of the army, so their separation does not require all this violence, but it was legitimate An integrated coup aimed at blocking the process of change in Sudan ».
He continued, “But what was seized on that day are our regular forces with all its components, and whose honor was usurped the armed forces of our people, by failing to protect defenseless civilians in front of its gates. Not only did it fail, but it also participated in closing the doors to those fleeing the oppression of the murderous soldiers.”
He explained to “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”, “Whoever cuts off the Internet and clears the murals that immortalized our people, and whoever issues orders whenever our people gather, closes the streets for fear that the marchers will come to the leadership, demanding new leaders who will break the sit-in.”


The Families of the Martyrs of the December Revolution gave the investigation committee a week to reveal the results, stressing “our readiness for all forms of revolutionary and legal escalation unless all our demands for justice are implemented.”
And she continued, “We do not hide that our total confidence in achieving your demands and our demands for retribution for the blood of the martyrs will only come through the masses, the resistance committees, the rule of law and an independent judiciary.” “One year later, the justice is still late and pending,” said Saadia Seif El-Din, the association’s spokesperson. We do not want the blood of our martyrs to be lost in vain. We want justice for them to be the pillar of our new country, where such violations should not happen again. ”
Human Rights Watch also said: “The Sudanese Transitional Government has yet to bring justice to victims and families, a year after more than 120 people were killed, hundreds injured and mistreated in a violent attack on protesters in Khartoum.”
“The government commission of inquiry will present its findings to the public prosecutor in the coming weeks,” a statement said. The authorities should ensure that the results are published and provide the public prosecutor with the resources necessary to follow them, including bringing charges against officials at the highest levels. ”
“A year later, the victims of the bloody campaign received many promises, but they have not yet seen any form of accountability,” commented Jihan Henry, director of the East Africa division at Human Rights Watch. The final report of the commission of inquiry should be made public in order to ensure full transparency. The Public Prosecutor’s Office must prosecute those responsible, even if they are members of the ruling sovereign council. ”
According to the head of the investigation committee, Nabil Adeeb, he has accomplished a lot of investigations and the remainder is little despite the total closure due to Corona.
He said: «It is difficult to determine the percentage of completion accurately, but most of the work has been done and what remains is less, and with regard to announcing the result of the investigation, the work of the committee was supposed to end on June 22, but what happened to the health status because of Corona wasted a long time, and this “It is not in our hands.”
He added, “We have no interest in wasting time. Rather, we are keen to complete the work in the necessary time. After that, it is up to the court to determine the date of the trials as it deems appropriate.”
But a member of the Democratic Lawyers Alliance, Samir Sheikh Idris, told Al-Quds Al-Arabi: “The committee provides it with the time and the aids that help it to complete the investigation mission to the fullest, and issues its final report. According to the head of the committee, he listened to 3000 witnesses, and watched about 1,000 Video and he interrogated senior officials in the state ».
He added, “All the necessary aids to issue a final report have been completed, and all they have to do is publish the report and present it to the concerned authorities, and provide those involved with justice and ownership of the result to the Sudanese people.”
He explained, “According to Adeeb, he does not need an extension and will need two weeks to write the report, if the conditions are fine and the ban is lifted. The latter is not a reason for excuse because large government sectors operate efficiently, such as the Public Prosecution, the Ministry of Justice, and others. “There is no reason why the report should not be released on time this month.”
To that, a legal source cooperating with the public prosecutor in its investigations told Al-Quds Al-Arabi, after he preferred to withhold his identity to “expedite and pressure the investigation committee to issue its final report, will make the report potentially vulnerable, and not stand before the court and lead to write off the case before the accused.” .
He added: “Any lawmaker knows that submitting a court case in the murder of any citizen by the prosecution takes months in the investigations, how can they demand the submission of a legal report and identify specific defendants and their person in a complex and complex case such as breaking a sit-in and its strands are scattered in hundreds of quarters.”
And he warned that «this payment and emotional pressure on the investigation committee, if you acquiesce in it, will make it submit a report that will not satisfy the legal, nor the families of the victims, nor the Sudanese people who will go out on the street refusing him because he has a pre-conception of the criminal, generally this month will be inflamed with events once the commission’s report is issued ».

International positions incite to reveal the truth and hold the perpetrators accountable

The European Union stressed that finding the truth about what happened at the headquarters of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) is essential, while calling for accountability for the perpetrators of human rights violations in that incident.
He made it clear in a statement yesterday that he “closely follows the efforts of the authorities in Sudan to conduct an independent and transparent investigation.” He added, “To achieve justice, Sudan can enjoy a stable transition and integration into the international community.”
He declared his intention “to continue to support the people of Sudan in order to achieve peace, democracy, justice and prosperity.”
He continued: “The European Union recognizes and salutes the sacrifices made by the Sudanese people since the beginning of the revolution, which prompted Sudan to take many steps towards a democratic transition.”
The United Nations also renewed, on Wednesday, the Sudanese government’s call for those responsible for ending Khartoum’s sit-in and human rights violations to be brought to justice.
This came in a statement issued by the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sudan, Koui Youb Sen, who said: “A year ago, the world witnessed brutal attacks on pro-democracy demonstrators in Sudan.”
“On behalf of the United Nations team in Sudan, I reiterate the call of the Secretary-General (Antonio Guterres) for the authorities to investigate in a reliable and independent manner, and to bring those responsible for reported violations of human rights to justice,” she added.
And considered that “the formation of the transitional government, an independent national committee to investigate allegations of human rights violations committed on June 3, and other related incidents, is a critical step towards justice and accountability.”
And she affirmed “the commitment of the United Nations to support the transitional phase of Sudan, at a time when it is moving towards realizing the ancient aspirations of its people for peace and democracy.”
Also, on Wednesday, the United States and Britain called for those responsible for the sit-in to be held accountable.
This came in two separate statements of the US and British embassies in Sudan, and the Washington embassy said: “We look forward to the results of the government’s investigations and to measures to hold those responsible for violent resolution to account.”
Irfan Siddik, British ambassador to Khartoum, stressed that “there must be full accountability for the events of June 3, if the revolutionary values ​​of freedom, peace and justice have a real meaning.”


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