China and America are racing against time … Where will the vaccine come from?


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Amidst the race for vaccination and treatment, the official Liberation Daily online newspaper announced Sunday that Shanghai Junxi Biological Science Company has started the first stage of testing its potential antibody treatment Corona virus Healthy people, at a time when it is expected that the experiment will start testing GS 016 in humans in the United States during the second quarter of this year through cooperation with Eli Lilly, which Junchi announced a partnership with last month.

Junchi is one of the few biotechnology companies and research institutes with the support of international drug giants to work on antibody-based therapies to help the epidemic, which has so far killed nearly 400,000 patients.

In turn, Feng Hui, Chief Operating Officer of Junxi, said the company hopes that its work on antibodies, which are separated from the blood of recovered patients, can also protect healthy people with high risk of infection, such as medical personnel and the elderly, from virus infection, but added The product may be much more expensive than any other preventive vaccines, many of which are currently being tested, as it is expected that the antibody drug Junshi develops contains more expensive proteins in each dose than that involved in the formation of a vaccine.

No one can replace the other

He said in an interview with Reuters before announcing the latest development: “There are targeted consumers for both vaccines and antibodies, and one cannot replace the other, vaccines are cheap and suitable for immunization campaigns at the country level, but the older ones and those with relatively weak immunity may not be Their response to vaccines such as healthy adults or children, antibodies can better protect them from the virus. ”

However, he returned and warned that it was not yet clear whether they would be able to find participants to use the drug in the advanced and broader phase of human testing.

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7 million are infected globally

It is noteworthy that, while major countries and companies are racing for a vaccine or official treatment to stop the outbreak that swept the world, Corona’s injuries were recorded in their last count of 7 million.

A Reuters statistic showed that the number of coronavirus people around the world approached seven million, on Saturday, with the number of cases increasing in Brazil and India.

There are about 30% of injuries or two million cases within the United States, while Latin America has the second highest toll with over 15% of cases.

The number of deaths due to the virus is close to 400 thousand cases worldwide.

The United States recorded nearly a quarter of deaths, but South American victims were growing at a rapid pace.

In addition, the number of deaths due to infection in just five months is equal to the number of annual deaths due to malaria, which is one of the deadliest infectious diseases in the world.


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