Central – revolutionaries return to the martyrs square! Riots and violent clashes in downtown Beirut


On June 6, Lebanon rose up again, under the title “We became a land,” rejecting the difficult living conditions the country brought to power, and demanding accountability and a change in the current political class through early parliamentary elections and an impartial judiciary.

One scene gathered most of the Lebanese regions, the people, and since the early morning they got ready to participate in the demonstration, and they set off by buses from the north, the Bekaa, Kesrouan, Matan, Chouf, and the south towards the Martyrs Square.

Prior to the start of the demonstration, Martyrs Square prepared, where dozens arrived early in order to complete all preparations. The statue of the martyrs will be the gathering point for the groups that will come to Martyrs Square at three o’clock.

The move was not spared from the riots, as downtown Beirut witnessed abundance in the branching streets of the House of Representatives between angry youths and the riot police responding to firecrackers and stones with tear gas canisters.

This comes after demonstrators broke the windows of a storefront and entered it in order to reach the parliament.

As tension continues between some protesters and riot police, the security forces announced that private and public property is being exposed, and that is why the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces requests peaceful citizens to withdraw from places where riots are taking place, in order to preserve their safety.


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The entrance to the “Le Gray” hotel was burnt during the confrontations in downtown Beirut, between the demonstrators who were throwing stones towards the security forces, who were responding with tear gas.

Security forces fire tear gas abundantly at the protesters towards the “An-Nahar” building, while the protesters smashed the walls of “Legray” to use the stones in the confrontation.

Riot police drove the protesters from in front of the parliament’s entrance opposite the Beirut municipality, to the front of the Al-Nahar building, amid the continued throwing of stones and tear gas.

As a result of the stone throwing, a riot member was injured.

As a result of the tear gas, crowds of protesters retreated towards the Phalange House in Saifi.

The demonstrators continued to retreat beyond the battalions’ house in al-Saifi, and riot police chased them, as stones continued to be thrown.

The security forces formed a human barrier in front of the demonstrators near the Phalange House.

At approximately half past six in the evening, calm returned to the vicinity of the Phalange House, with the demonstrators retreating, while a group of protesters blocked the road on the sea line in Beirut and set tires to impede the progress of the security forces towards it.

In this context, the National Media Agency reported that the calm had returned to the Martyrs Square area as an extension to the Muhammad al-Amin Mosque and the Ring Bridge, after the commandos of the army and riot police in the Internal Security Forces managed to remove the protesters in central Beirut to the Saifi area, from On the one hand, the young men gathered under the Ring Bridge to the inner neighborhoods of the Trench Ditch.

The security forces drove the protesters beyond the MTC building, where it is the last point of contact between the two parties.

On the other hand, the riots reached the maritime line in Beirut, with the burning of the booths of the guards and the blocking of roads. A group of demonstrators blocked the road to the sea line and set tires to impede the progress of the security forces.

And the intelligence services pursued the protesters on the sea road in Beirut.

Red Cross: Concurrently, the Red Cross teams announced that the number of injured people in clashes between demonstrators and security forces in the center of the capital Beirut has risen to 48

LBCI information indicated that 7 members of the Internal Security Forces were injured during the demonstration.


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