Carole Samaha: (I am not Boghghan, and where do you come to give me permission?)


Yesterday, the Lebanese star, Carole Samaha, was subjected to the fiercest attack by one of the silly followers who do not respect opinions contrary to their orientation and are satisfied with theorizing, even though they are ignorant, who do not understand anything and only deal with naivety in the most important topics.

Their ignorance causes them to attack the educated and the upright, like Carroll, who is entitled to make any conviction, and everyone should respect it.

I wrote that you think the Corona Virus is a dirty commercial deal for trading the health of millions of people: (Corona vaccine is the deal of history! The game is becoming clear).

One of them is different. Attacked by her response: (Who is sweet in art, he goes astray in the art. The one with a hero will hear you with every bad situation, and my hereafter is what I hear but Hamo Becca).

The level of the cultural follower is low and this is evident through his empty and nonsensical response.

Carole did not remain silent, but followed and asked him not to follow, and we support her with every letter she wrote.

She said: (Are you in any age I live with you ??? Who are you ?? To give people permission to talk or what they talk !! This is a topic that relates to my health, I am not just a dystopian !!! I am on the social media network to interact and comment on community events as well Do not follow me after today, thank you).


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