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The results of a British study showed that women who take birth control pills are less likely to develop certain types of cancer compared to women who never take birth control pills.

There are many contraceptives, but most women choose the method of pills, and according to a study conducted by the German Center for Health Education, the pill is the most popular method in Germany. In a study published by the University of Aberdeen, Britain, about 150 million women regularly take birth control pills around the world, according to the German health website, “Deutsche Abbotke Zeitung”.

But one of the strangest discoveries that a recent study by British scientists has shown is that birth control pills play a major role in avoiding the risk of cancer. The study shows that women who take long-term birth control pills are less likely to develop some types of cancer, according to a report published by the German channel SVR.

British specialists relied in their study on data for more than 46 thousand women participating in the study in the late sixties of the last century, where half of them took birth control pills and the other half never took pills. The study lasted for more than 40 years until 2012, and women underwent regular medical examinations and accurately recorded their cancer.

Through this study, the researchers reached a clear conclusion that taking hormonal birth control pills definitely reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, such as stomach or ovarian cancer, and apparently taking birth control pills to protect against cancer.

Also, women who took birth control pills for a long time and stopped doing this do not have to worry. The data show, as Dr. Lisa Everson, who accompanied the study at the University of Aberdeen in recent years, confirms that women who took birth control pills and stopped so, they are also much less at risk of developing cancer.


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