Art News The fact that Amir Karara was infected with the Corona virus … the first appearance of Muhammad Ramadan’s sister and her husband after his release


Sada Al-Balad news website has published many important art news during the past hours. We show you the most important of these news through the following report:

In the past few hours, there has been news that the artist Amir Karara has been infected with the Covid 19 virus, known as the emerging corona virus.

One of the pages published the infection of the artist Amir Karara with the Corona virus, and published an old picture of him in order to spread rumors, after the success of his latest series Al-Akhtiyar, which is unfounded news.

Hosam Hamed, the husband of the sister of the artist Mohamed Ramadan, posted a photo on his official Facebook page.

And he appeared in the photo next to his wife, the sister of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after he was released from Sheikh Zayed Police Department after he was caught during the wedding, in violation of the government’s decisions to prevent gatherings to confront Corona.

The artist Hany Ramzy shared his fans with a new image through his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, and appeared with the artist Mohamed Henedy calling for him to leave the surgery.

The artist Tamer Hosni was keen to send an important message to his audience regarding dealing with respiratory masks from the emerging Corona virus.

Elisa’s “Coffee of the Past” song was very successful, and approached 2 million views after she put it on the official channel of “Rotana” through YouTube, on the last Eid Al Fitr.


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