Arab art loses a second star after Hassan Hosni


Tell me – the Arab artistic community lost the great Sudanese artist El Hadi El Seddik at the age of 72, one day after the departure of the able Egyptian artist Hassan Hosni and the artist Afaf Shaker.

A traffic accident on the road between Khartoum and the city of Madani in central Sudan killed Al-Siddiq.

The General Union of Sudanese Dramatic Professions, with more sadness, mourned the oldest dramatic artist and radio and television star and theater, the first screen boy, Al-Hadi Al-Siddiq, who enriched the dramatic and creative life in all its forms, and he did not resolve for a moment that he died in an unfortunate traffic accident.

The late artist is a university professor and successful program provider. The union said that he “mourns his taste, literature, the beauty of his excuses, his good speech and his sacrifices in order to advance dramatic careers, and he has presented many theatrical works and poured his race on the TV.”

Faisal Mohamed Saleh, Minister of Culture and Information, mourned for the Sudanese nation a dramatic actor and university professor who had appreciated contributions in the drama and theater work.

And he said in it: “He is the creative professor Al-Hadi Al-Siddiq, whose pure spirit has been lost to his innocent person today, Saturday, as the late is one of the pillars and pillars of the Sudanese drama.”

He added in the statement published by her magazine: “We mourn the Sudanese nation and all the creators, the great actor and playwright, Professor Al-Hadi Al-Siddiq. Which was carrying him, and despite the doctors ’attempts to help him and undergo several operations in one of the hospitals in Khartoum, his spirit overflowed her innocent.

He concluded: “With the departure of the friend, a page and a path full of giving and distinction will be folded for an actor, a drama and a university professor, where the late worked as a lecturer at the University of Gezira.”


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