Apple soon offers interest-free installments for iPad and Mac


Apple soon offers interest-free installments for IPad and Mac purchases


She reported Bloomberg Agency reported that Camel Prepares to allow customers to purchase many of its products, including iPad, Mac and AirPods, in monthly installments for its named card holders (Apple Card), And the technology giant in Cupertino, California, plans to offer the service in the coming weeks, and could be announced during WWDC.
This offer allows customers to purchase the product through Apple with a price installment over several months without interest, and payments are managed through the (Apple Card) section in the (iPhone) Wallet app and add them to the customers monthly Apple Card bills.
A 12-month interest-free payment plan is assumed for iPad, Mac, Apple Pencil, and iPad X Mac screens, and for AirPods, HomePods, and Apple TVs ), Then the plans will be for six months interest free.
The plan is similar to that offered by companies selling phones and other products, which provides consumers with another way to purchase these products in monthly payments. 3 percent.
The plan was designed to stimulate the use of the Apple Card, which the company launched last August in partnership with (Goldman Sachs), so that the owners of the (Apple Card) obtain a digital card connected to the application (Wallet) and an actual card made of titanium.

The plan also enhances sales of Apple products by allowing users to install the price over several months without interest, and the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, had He said April: The company will launch a pay-as-you-go service for products that exceed iPhone, but did not specify timing or features.

Currently, the Apple Card is only available in the United States, however, the company has partnered with banks around the world, allowing customers to use existing credit cards to purchase products through installment plans.


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