And Sayyeb Rouhi goes to you … Ramy Gamal sings with Tamer Hosny in a studio


Back The singer Rami Jamal With the star Tamer Hosni during a video from inside one of the studios, during both of them singing the song “Waseeb Rouhi Rayhaa Maak”, through the Al-Astori feature via Rami Jamal’s account on Instagram.

Ramy Gamal and Tamer

And it was The singer Rami Jamal He decided to surprise his wife Nariman earlier by working on her lyric album, where he revealed through his official account on Twitter that she is using the ban period to work on preparing the songs for his new album, and also revealed that in conjunction with this he will make a surprise for his wife Nariman, which you will discover by reading Those words on Twitter.

Ramy Gamal wrote: “Since I am so prohibited, I decided to start choosing new songs for my next album, since I am taking a year or more to prepare. Secondly, what remains important is that I decided to make Nariman’s album in different types of songs seriously. Beautifully, I know that I decided to do this and the most beautiful. She will know from here ?? and may we all rejoice in the relief of our Lord. “

Immediately after Rami Jamal posted that tweet, Nariman met his wife with great joy, as it appeared through a post that she posted on her official account on Instagram. To make a lyric album for her, as he wrote on a Twitter post.


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