An Indian star predicted the end date of Corona … and died of the virus


The famous Indian astrologer Bijan Darwala, who predicted the end of the Coruna epidemic in May, died at the age of 89, after being infected with the virus.

The Indian newspaper “Times On News” said that Darwala spoke about his expectations in a video on social media, in which he said: “The Corona virus came to us as a result of the greed and selfishness that the world is currently experiencing with the entry of Saturn into Earth’s orbit.”

The astrologer stated: “The Corona crisis will end during May, as Saturn will depart from the constellations map of the world.”

The newspaper noted that “the crisis will surely end, and everyone should stay in their homes in order to remain safe from the risk of infection with the virus.”

The total number of people living with HIV in India reached 165,799 cases, of whom 4,706 died.


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