An electronic bracelet to track Corona casualties in the UAE


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The Department of Health confirmed that it is a smart electronic bracelet that serves the injured individuals by enabling them to isolate themselves in their homes, for the people who are required to quarantine them according to the standards announced by the authorities, according to what the newspaper “Al Bayan” reported.

She pointed out that the criteria for home isolation apply to people whose tests have shown positive results for infection of the new Corona virus as a benefit 19, in which the patient suffers from mild to moderate symptoms, while it does not pose a threat to his health condition, as the instructions for home isolation are directed to confirmed cases and are provided With electronic remote monitoring bracelet.

It also indicated that the standards for the electronic bracelet include a number of categories, including: those between the ages of 18 and 59, who do not have any symptoms or have mild symptoms, and that the person in charge is able to educate himself on all preventive measures, and that he is committed to applying the standards of sanitary isolation With care and treatment, provide a suitable home environment for home insulation with a well-ventilated room and separate toilet and a smartphone.

These are excluded

While excluding from home isolation, other categories of patients are at risk for their health condition, such as persons over sixty years of age, and people who suffer from chronic diseases, respiratory diseases, heart diseases and diseases.

She explained that the electronic bracelet is intended for injured individuals only, while the application of the fort is available to all members of society, and means the application of the digital fort dedicated to devices and smartphones, which was launched by the health sector in the country with joint efforts between the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Health Department Abu Dhabi and the Health Authority in Dubai.

388 cases of recovery

It is noteworthy that the Emirates News Agency, on Tuesday, on its Twitter account, quoting the country’s Ministry of Health, had announced the registration of 596 new infections with the new Corona virus.

In addition, the information confirmed the recovery of 388 cases, while the country recorded 3 deaths after the epidemic.


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