An Egyptian parliamentarian reveals why he announced that 8 of his family were injured in Corona



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The Egyptian parliamentarian, Mohamed Fayoumi, said that the aim of his announcement that 8 members of his family had been infected with the Corona virus was to send important messages to citizens and members of his circle.

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Yesterday, Sunday, during a phone call via the Egyptian Channel 1, the parliamentarian added that the first message is people’s fear of announcing the infection with the virus, which is dangerous because they will contribute to spreading it among people, stressing that the disease is not a defect or a disgrace.

He explained that the injured are his children, their wives and grandchildren, pointing out that the second message is that house isolation is very important, as long as the patient’s condition does not call the hospital, so that the health system in the country is not pressed, because the sector is exhausted and has great pressure.

He assured the Egyptian parliamentarian, stressing the existence of malicious campaigns to question the state and the measures it is taking to protect its citizens.

Source: RT


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