An asteroid the size of a skyscraper passed near Earth yesterday


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According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, this asteroid, which was named 163348 (2002 NN4), approached Earth at 04:20 BST and passed at 3.165 million miles from our planet.

These NEOs are comets and asteroids around the Earth, but they are a large region and include anything within 139 million miles.

This asteroid is perhaps more than 90% of the known asteroids, and is classified as an asteroid of space rocks that follows a very wide orbit around the sun.

The asteroid was also first spotted in July 2002, and although it is ten times further away from the sun, it is classified as a “potentially dangerous asteroid” by NASA.


It is worth noting that this is not the only asteroid that approached tonight, but NASA said that there are four asteroids that were arriving at a distance of 800 thousand miles and 4 million miles from Earth, but the rest is much smaller.

A number of missions are either in progress or being planned by international space agencies to better understand asteroids, including some near-Earth objects, and perhaps the European Space Agency’s Hera mission is part of the agency’s planetary defense initiative and will look for ways to direct a space rock.

Hera will be the first spacecraft for mankind to visit a double asteroid when it goes to the binary system Didimus, and the information gathered by the Hera mission will help ESA scientists learn more about space rocks and discover ways they can deviate if someone goes to a collision course with Earth.

There are about 4,700 asteroids classified as potential dangerous, which are things large enough to cause serious harm if they hit the Earth and are close enough that they may collide with the planet.

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