America’s harshest sanctions on Iranian shipping come into effect


Source: Arabic.Net – Saleh Hameed

The sanctions imposed on Iranian shipping lines based in Shanghai entered into force, six months after the United States imposed sanctions targeting WMD publishers and their supporters, according to a State Department statement Monday.

In addition, the new sanctions include 125 ships and tankers linked to Iran.

The six-month deadline had allowed time for Iranian humanitarian goods exporters to find alternative shipping methods.

Iranian shipping lines are accused of transporting items related to ballistic missiles, Iranian military programs and sensitive military materials, including materials controlled by the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

The US State Department statement said, “Despite Iran’s allegations that it will never develop nuclear weapons and related systems, the Iranian regime has continued to pursue and purchase sensitive materials for military proliferation in violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231.”

Deceiving Iran

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the international community should note the persistent deception of Iran.

Pompeo urged marine industries and governments around the world to review and pay attention to the information as stated in the resolution issued on May 14, 2020 during the US directive to address illegal shipping and sanctions evading practices, which dealt with how Iran abused the international shipping system to promote illegal activities.


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