All you need to know about the eclipse of the moon’s shadow tomorrow x 14 pieces of information..can be seen in Egypt


The globe is on tomorrow, Friday, June 5, with the second eclipse and eclipse phenomena in 2020, when a semi-shadow eclipse of the moon occurs.

And publishes the “seventh day” to its readers in simplified information, details of the eclipse, how to follow it, and what countries you will see and its timing, as follows: –

1 – The Earth will be watching the phenomenon of the lunar eclipse next Friday, June 5.

2 – This eclipse is considered the second phenomenon of the eclipse and the eclipse in the year 2020 AD and is of the type of semi-shadow.

3- During the semi-shadow eclipse, the moon does not cross the dark part of the earth’s shadow.

4 – The moon crosses through the faint “semi-shadow” outer portion, so the moon’s disk remains fully lit.

5 – This eclipse cannot be seen with the naked eye.

6 – It can be seen through telescopes in Egypt and the Arab region.

7 – Sees the regions where the moon appears when an eclipse occurs.

8 – He sees the continent of Europe, except for most of the northern part of it, and Asia, except for northern and eastern Russia.

9 – He sees the continent of Australia, the continent of Africa, eastern and southern South America.

10 – Also sees the western Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica continents.

11 – It takes approximately three hours and eighteen minutes for all stages of the eclipse from its inception to the end of it.

12 – The beginning of the eclipse will be at approximately forty-six and sixty minutes, and the end of the eclipse will be approximately eleven and four minutes.

13 – At the height of the eclipse, the shadow of the Earth obscures approximately 57% of the semi-shadow.

14 – Its timing coincides with the timing of Badr, the month of Shawwal for the year 1441 AH, at approximately nine and twenty-five minutes, Cairo local time.


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