Al-Sheikh’s Family Responds to Al-Ahly’s Egyptian Decision: “Oh, bee, don’t discard me.”


The escalating dispute between the Egyptian club Al-Ahly and the head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, has returned to square one by withdrawing his first name from the club’s honorary presidents list, and the latter responded by rejecting the “honey” of the bee represented by the Egyptian football champion.

The relationship between the two parties has known several stages over the past years since the adviser in the royal court and close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was president of the Sports Authority in the Kingdom.

The two sides culminated in the improvement of the relationship again, by visiting Al-Sheikh to the home of Al-Ahly Chairman Mahmoud al-Khatib in November 2019 to check on his health.

But the relationship has regained its tension recently, for reasons that are not clear. Press reports indicated that among them was the issue of the retirement of Najm Al-Ahly and his leader Hossam Ashour. The new dispute reached the point of exchanging public criticism between the Sheikh family and Muhammad Serageldin, a member of the club’s board of directors.

The club’s board of directors issued a lengthy statement in which it indicated that it has repeatedly refrained from engaging in controversy with the Sheikh’s family for reasons including “the council’s full conviction in its role to contribute to strengthening historical relations with sister Saudi Arabia. Athletic and distinguished relationship with the siblings. ”

Al-Ahly said that he will communicate with the Egyptian Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhi in order to “obtain his approval to return all the gifts that Al-Sheikh offered in kind and financial donations that entered the club’s treasury.”

Al-Sheikh rushed to comment through a post on his official page on “Facebook”, in which he said: “Finally, the resignation was accepted. The ball is now in the stadium of His Excellency the Minister of Sports to return everything.

In May 2018, the Al-Sheikh announced his abandonment of the honorary presidency, in a step within the path of severe tension in the relationship between the two parties, including his accusation of the Ahli administration of breaking promises and insult after supporting him with sums of money that he said amounted to $ 14 million.

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