Al-Ittihad – Emirates announces support for the “Cairo initiative” to end the conflict in Libya


The United Arab Emirates has announced its support for the Egyptian benevolent efforts calling for an immediate cease-fire in sister Libya, and a return to the political track. In this context, it appreciated the sincere endeavors led by Egyptian diplomacy with a responsible Arab sense and perseverance and ability.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation affirmed that the UAE stands with all efforts that seek an immediate end to the fighting in Libya, and return to the political track led by the United Nations in a manner that guarantees Libya’s sovereignty away from all external interference. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation called on the Libyan authorities, headed by the Government of Accord and the Libyan National Army, to respond immediately to this initiative, our right to blood, and a prelude to building the state of institutions, in order to avoid the continuation of the fighting with all the dangers that extend the life of the conflict and threaten the independent Libyan Arab entity.
The ministry explained that the political track is the only acceptable option to reach the desired stability and prosperity, calling on the Libyan brothers to prevail in the common national interest, and to respond to the initiative launched by Cairo.


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